Elamie is a digital companion for parents and relatives. The app educates parents in recognizing distinct changes in their children's’ behavior towards food, body image and social behavior. Elamie comprises a validated questionnaire which the app subsequently analyses. Parents and the treating physician jointly discuss the degree of risk the child is at and which treatment options exist.


The app Elamie is used within the program Early Diagnosis of Psychogenic Eating Disorders in Children and Adolescents of the AOK Nordost. The novel approach entails that insights provided by parents and relatives are for the first time used for diagnostic measures by the treating physician. This allows for  the timely obtainment of a comprehensive picture of the child or adolescent.


The program with adjoining app are currently exclusively available in the pilot region Berlin. Discussions regarding rollout are in progress.

Elamie ist CE-zertifiziert und wurde mit dem Siegel "Qualitätsprodukt Internetmedizin" ausgezeichnet.

The Symptomcheck is filled in at the very beginning and determines if and to what degree the child or teenager is at risk at having an eating disorder. The Check is based on a validated questionnaire comprising 30 items.


The analysed results are presented as a color code which are later on decoded and discussed with the treating physician.

Within this section parents and relatives are informed about the diversity and the many faces of the illness. What are eating disorders, which forms exist and how can symptoms be detected and interpreted at an early stage. Furthermore Elamie informs about current trends in food and lifestyle, and how these are different from eating disorders.

With Elamie parents and relatives can log their observations quickly and efficiently. A daily protocol comprising 10 questions allows for the documentation of changes in food consumption, body image and social behavior over time. Consequently it is possible to detect if changes have occured and to which intensity they have manifested. The daily protocols can be exported as raw data or graphically formatted.

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